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"My pain is nearly gone and the numbness is greatly diminished."

- Avis N.

"My feet feel great. They are much better than when I started. I'm very happy with the results."

- Peter L.

"My restless legs are gone."

- Debbie P.

"I just finished today and my feet feel so much better. I am going to talk with my family doctor about going off some of my medicines. I would definitely recommend this."

- Warren S.

"I'm very satisfied with the program. I got most of the feeling back in my feet."

- Tom T.

"I was in so much pain when I started. I finished the program and I feel great. This saved my life."

- Michael C.

"When I started I had no feeling in my feet. Now all my feeling is back."

- Joe K.

"I saw a lot of improvement in my feet. I'm walking better. I would definitely recommend the program."

- Richard A.

"Since finishing the trial, I can do things I couldn't do before. I'm walking better and can stand longer. I would definitely recommend this."

- Jesse R.

"When I started the trial, I was in pain all the time. Now my feet feel really good and I would definitely do it all over again."

- Carol C.

"I've seen a lot of improvement. I can feel my feet again and I am very happy with the results."

- Mary C.

"My feet are feeling much better. I'm so glad that this helped."

- Marie F.

"I am thrilled with the results. I would definitely recommend this to others. I'm walking better and I have less pain in my legs."

- Ben S.

"My feet are doing good. My symptoms are close to being completely gone. I have definitely referred people!"

- Freddie J.

"I'm truly happy with the results. I went from sleepless nights to sleeping all through the night. My pain is gone. It was very successful for me. I would definitely recommend it."

- Adele C.

"My feet feel much better. I have no pain. I will definitely refer patients to the program."

- Mark K.

"In just four weeks my pain has significantly improved. I no longer have major pain in my feet. I would recommend people try this."

- LeeAnn L.

"I'm so glad I did the trial. I have already referred people. I've had at least 80% improvement in my restless legs. I've even had improvement in the numbness in my feet."

- Don H.


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